GL-MT300N router as a client

I have Spitz X3000 working as my main router. I have two devices (NAS and VoIP phone) which are without WiFi. I also have a GL-MT300N router that I want to use as a client to Spitz X3000 so that both NAS and VoIP get LAN connections through it. I want to have the same LAN IP range which is in Spitz X3000 as NAS will not be accessible on TV otherwise. Is it possible?

Yes. Set MT300N-V2 in WDS or Extender mode.

In firmware 3.x, you can set up in web panel->more settings->network mode

In firmware 4.x, you can set up in the web panel->network->netowork mode

Thank you. I tried, it takes time to go in Extender mode on v4 and no message appears if it is now in Extender mode so bit confusing. Now I am getting a message that it conflict with LAN IP range so I changed MT300N IP to but I am still getting subnet error.

Pls change to

But in this case clients connected to MT300N will not be in the same LAN as those on Spitz, right ?

I want to use MT300N as a “WiFi to LAN” bridge.

Not correct.

When you set up “Extender” the router will automatically bridge its clients to the parent router. However, the router itself needs a different LAN subnet than the partent router.

Extender is a layer 3 bridge.

If you are using two GL.inet devices, pls use WDS, which is layer 2 bridge. WDS also works with some other brands, but I don’t have a definate answer.

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Thank you very much.