GL MT300N - two questions

I need to make the following setup:

Main router (provided by ISP) + second router for VPN. I was suggested GL MT300N.

I was unable to find the following answers:

  1. Does the “tiny yellow” have the ability to hide SSID from public (e.g. make network hidden)?
  2. Can I use it as a HOME router, I only need to cover 1 room, while it is advertised as “travel companion”, is it safe or I shouldnt use it for e.g. connecting my PS4 & Fire Stick and using them? Does it have some firewall?

The MT300N-V2 supports showing or hiding the SSID. You may want to take a quick look at the setup document to make sure it has the features you want before you buy it. First Time Setup - GL.iNet Docs

Is it safe as a home router? It is probably safer then most other commercial home routers, as it is based on OpenWrt, which is well maintained, and GL-iNet normally provides firmware updates a couple times a year. It configures a firewall for you, but you may over-ride the firewall settings if you have a need to.

Are there any security issues with the device? Probably, but that is true of all routers and devices that connects to the Internet, including your PS4 or Fire Stick. No device connected to the Internet should be consider totally safe.


Thorough explanation with all necessary information. Big “thank you”!
If you allow, may I ask what exactly is behind the term “over-ride the firewall settings”?

@batbos Glad to have helped. On over-riding firewall rules, the router comes with a default set of firewall rules, but you may change these. As an example, the MT300N has a default firewall rule that only allows you to access the management GUI of the MT300N from the LAN side of the network, and not from the WAN side. This is a good rule, as normally it is much safer not to allow the WAN side of a router to access the management GUI, but in your use case, you will be putting the MT300N behind your home ISP provided router, which has its own firewall. You may decide that you want to manage the MT300N router using a system on your home network, which is the WAN side of the MT300N network instead of from the MT300N provided network. From the management GUI, you can over-ride (change) the firewall rules to allow this.


Thanks to you I discovered everything that I wanted, at least for today.
Nothing more from my side, except for another big “Like” for the time you devoted to write an answer and another “Thank you” … Eric!