GL-MT300N-V1 3.026 WiFi uplink and LAN

I recently upgraded from 2.265 and am getting ready to take this device on a roadtrip where I will be using the hotel’s WiFi as the uplink.

Since the clients will also be wireless, will the radio stop broadcasting the LAN SSID if I am at a new location and didn’t remember to disable the so-called Repeater (uplink) profile?

I remember this being the case with older firmware.


I also see that the LuCI menu is missing Network → Wireless


  1. The new firmware will not stop broadcasting the SSID of lan
  2. Since Luci’s Wireless configuration and firmware are not compatible, all we do not support luci to set up wireless

Thanks for letting me know. I suspect that making even other changes via LuCI may confuse your firmware but I was only trying to look at radio stats. I ebentually got them through the command line.

Do you recommend logging in with SSH and using the poweroff command when done with the router instead of just pulling the power cord?

You can also use the poweroff command.


Just ordered an AR300M for its reputed higher OpenVPN performance

I am very glad to hear this news. If you want to experience a higher rate VPN, consider the B1300/S1300.

For travel, I find it useful to have a router that can be powered off a USB battery pack.