GL-MT300N-V1 OpenWRT back to OEM firmware

I flashed OpenWRT 22.x from their repository and then decided I wanted to go back to OEM. Since OpenWRT does not undertand the GL-iNet images, I powered into the bootloader by holding down reset and flashed the 3.100 firmware that way but it did not revive the router completely.

Did I miss a step?


Please don’t use 3.100, use latest 3.216


Like the OP above, I also have the original MT300N (Not the MT300N-V2 Mango). Above, you have linked to the MT300N-V2 Mango v3.216 firmware.

Please can you confirm if the firmware you link above (for the MT300N-V2) also works for the MT300N V1?

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This page shows 2.265 as the latest Stable and 3.100 as Beta.


Hi @EddieA ,

Thanks, I had already seen the support page is stating the latest stable version for the MT300N-V1 is 2.265.

However, in his post above, @alzhao seems to contradict this as he appears to state that the OP should use v3.216 on his MT300N-V1.

My question is whether @alzhao mis-spoke because maybe he thought the OP was asking about an MT300N-V2, or whether the V1 does indeed work with 3.216 and the support page for the V1 model is outdated.

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MT300N-V1 should only have a 2.x firmware. But you can use the vanilla firmware from openwrt.

@alzhao Thank you! :slight_smile: