Gl-mt300n-v2 3.022 - no access to internet

Hi GLinet

I operate the mango by powerbank or wall plug. unplug when i leave a place

DNS over TLS from Cloudflare is enabled

But I found out that everytime i start up the mango and connect to an exising wifi/hotspot, I cant access the landing page or internet unless I disable DNS over TLS from Cloudflare and then reenable it.

Just letting you know, see if this is a software bug

The portal WiFi need to hijack the domain and redirect you to its login page, if you enabled DNS over TLS, it can’t hijack, so you can’t access the login page. It is an known issue.


I encountered same problem after connecting the mango to my android phone’s hotspot

I had to disable DNS over TLS to get internet and then renable DNS over TLS