GL-MT300N-V2 3.203 does not connect to SSIDs having blanks

Last working: 3.201-0402

With 3.203 I can´t connect to my Fritz!Box as soon as it has a blank in its SSID.
The SSID is “Fritz!Box B”.
I can scan for it and get the input interface for the Wifi passowrd, but then it never connects.
In the logfile I can see that it tries to connect to SSID “Fritz!Box” which does not exist.
I think saving or reading the SSID is truncating the SSID if it contains a blank.

When I remove the blank in my ,main routers SSID, it works.

I see. Maybe now you can just modify the file /etc/config/wireless directly and get it connected.

I will submit a bug.