GL-MT300N-V2 3.203 does not connect to SSIDs having blanks

Last working: 3.201-0402

With 3.203 I can´t connect to my Fritz!Box as soon as it has a blank in its SSID.
The SSID is “Fritz!Box B”.
I can scan for it and get the input interface for the Wifi passowrd, but then it never connects.
In the logfile I can see that it tries to connect to SSID “Fritz!Box” which does not exist.
I think saving or reading the SSID is truncating the SSID if it contains a blank.

When I remove the blank in my ,main routers SSID, it works.

I see. Maybe now you can just modify the file /etc/config/wireless directly and get it connected.

I will submit a bug.

I have this same problem with latest firmware.

In 3.215 this has been fixed. If you still cannot connect it may be something else. Pls give more details.

Can you tell me how to view the log file?.
Currently travelling so don’t have an ethernet cable.
I am connecting to a network called
“Viengkhong 3” The numbers reference the hotel floor.
Windows PC and android phone and a chromcast connect fine.
I had a fixed configuration that just allowed me to change the Wan WiFi and password in the Mango and connect everything else to the same thing each time.
For some reason the Mango V2 wont connect to this network. I occasionally get success reported but nothing happens.

Have updated firmware and done multiple resets.
Have stayed in two other hotels this week and multiple others over the past two years and it worked fine.
My assumption was the space before the last character of SSID was doing it. I will try and recreate with a mobile hotspot.

May not be the space, but the hotel just reject router.

Do you have laptop and can use ssh?

SSH to the router and use command “logread” to get the log. Do this after this error.

If you don’t have ssh. Then in the router’s admin panel, go to advanced and install Luci. Then login Luci, go to status and find system log. Copy and paste the log.