GL-MT300N-V2 3G/4G Dongles

Hi Everyone, I’m trying to use My old Nokia CS-19 3.5G USB key, but it doesn’t work. Seems it is not recognized by the Mango, the interface circle is not gray or green but always yellow, and the name of the device is always 3G/4G Modem. The key is flashing green, which means that is connected to 3G network but cannot establish a data connection.

I have understood that I have to buy a different key. Where can I find an updated compatibility list?

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I remember using a Huawei brand 4G modem with no issues, the model number started with an “E” followed by numbers, but unfortunately I do not remember the actual numbers.

I would be interested myself to see if there is an official compatibility list.

See these for some current modem compatibility lists:

You were probably thinking of the E3372h in HiLink mode. There is also an E8372h which is similar. There is also an option to run the E3372 in “stick” mode.


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