GL-MT300N-V2-8a9 slow download/upload

HI, my GL-MT300N-V2-8a9 (Firmware 3.2) is WAN connected to Virginmedia HUB 4 with 1Gbit download speed (average wifi speed tested in the same room is about 600-700 Mbits down and 90Mbit up). However the GL-MT300N-V2-8a9 wifi speeds are on average: 20Mbit down and 35Mbit up without VPN, which is very low; With SurfShark’s VPN on WireGard active as a client the speeds are 15Mbit down and 25Mbit uploading. I tried different Ethernet cables between the HUB 4 and the WAN port on GL-MT300N-V2-8a9 but nothing changes. Any advice how to get the speeds up? Thank you.

The Mango MT300N-V2 only has fast Ethernet 10/100 ports

You need a model with at least gigabit ports.

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HI, Thank you! Indeed, it seems that the longer terms solution will be to go with one of these - perhaps ‘Beryl AX’.

This is what I have just seen:

So ‘Mango’ is unsuitable for streaming.

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It depends what you are streaming.

I am using a AR300m with similar specs as the Mango as my VPN server, and I stream HD and FHD all the time using Wireguard. Streaming rates are about:

1280×720(HD) 	 3Mbps 	
1920X1080(FHD) 	 6Mbps 	
3840×2160 (UHD)  25Mbps 	
4096×2160 (4K) 	 32Mbps 	
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Thank you Eric, you have made a clear point! The 10Mbps-20Mbps speeds work up to UHD streaming, and this is not difficult to understand. I have been trying to do a streaming of a variety of channels, which can be challenging.