GL-MT300N-V2 as access point for GL-MV1000 - Help

I just upgraded to a Brume, and have a Mango that I would like to use as a wireless access point for it so that my mobile devices can take advantage of the faster VPN speeds and AdGaurd. Unfortunately, I am struggling with the setup process. I would really appreciate some help.

When I go to Network Mode in the Mango and choose Access Point, a message pops up saying that I need to connect it the internet to the WAN port, unlike other access points I have used in the past. After doing that, I receive a second error stating there are LAN IP conflicts. What does this mean? That the access point cannot be on the .8.1 network?

Network situation:
ISP router connected to the WAN port of the Brume, set to a static IP of, and a local LAN IP of I then go to an 8 port switch with all my devices connected, most static as .8.2, .8.3, etc. I was thinking that I should connect the Mango directly to the second LAN port of the Brume.

Please ask any questions if more clarification is needed, thanks.

Not expert, but dont you set PPPOE or DHCP on the brume WAN port ? (edit: ok theres a switch above)

if brume local ip is, the mango router ip should be another ip such as, (mango’s wan should be dhcp too, unless you are sure what you’re doing with static ip)

Should be LAN port (switch port) of Brume to WAN port of Mango. Yes it will say a conflict because both your Brume and Mango default to 192.168.8.x subnets.

Go to more settings, network mode, AP and set that it. Your Mango should reconfigure (no DHCP, no firewall etc ) and reboot, It should then have an IP address as set by the DHCP server of your Brume, so have a look at the client list of your Brume to find the Mango. If you want to access the Mango you’ll have to use the IP address given it by the Brume and you will have much less functionality on the Mango menu

This helped a lot, thank you.