GL-MT300N-V2 as Wireguard server only

Hi there,

I have a GL-MT300N-V2 (aka Mango) and I want to use it only as a Wireguard server.

So out of the box I setup DDNS, port forwarding on my router, setup the Wireguard server and I works without problems. But for the management web page I always have to connect to the LAN port or via the wlan of the MT300N. So I want to integrate the device in my home network so that I can access the managment web page from my home network. But this seems to be a little bit tricky. If possible I only want to use wired network and no wireless.

First problem: The WAN port shows now my home network as “Internet”. So my first thought was to setup the WAN port as second LAN port and changed the IP address to a free IP in my router network. But in that case the device always says that it has no internet connection.

Can anyone help me to setup the Mango in my “normal” network so that I can access it and Wireguard server is working?

Thanks a lot,

first of all i need to say that’s not my idea. i got the idea from alzhao.
you are on the right way. connect WAN-port to your local network, so Mango says your LAN as “Internet”. I’ve set up a reservation in my DHCP, that mango will get the same IP all the time. So it’s easier with port forwarding and access the web interface.
you need to set up firewall-rule to open port 80 for web access from WAN. So you could type the WAN-IP in your browser and access the admin web interface. If you wanna do the same with ssh, just add port 22 to firewall open ports and you could also access through ssh to your WAN-ports IP.
If sth is wrong on the router, you easily could connect a device to LAN-port and use that for checking.


Hi mozarella,

thank you very much. That was really simple. Worked perfect!


you are welcome. i also have one mango for wireguard-server only. another mango for travel (per switch start and stop wireguard client to my home-mango) and 3rd mango in office. Wireguard server for office and wifi, because office’s wifi is poor.