GL-MT300N-V2 Auto Update IP crontab scrip help

Hello I need help with scrip to Scheduled Tasks to Auto Update my IP using a crontab to visit my API url on a regular basis to ensure that the IP in my DNS provider account is always up to date.

I have been given instructions with script on How to set up a Cronjob on DD-WRT . But my router is GL-MT300N-V2 , running OPENWRT .

I don’t know if I can use the scrip of DD-WRT on the link below to input on my OPENWRT, is is going to work . Please help with script.

Here instructions on link I received

Similar but do this instead to enable cron and setup the task:

Thank you The putty instructions are straight forward,. Do you know how to write the scrip command to connect to API url at given times?

The link you gave in your OP tells you how to do that.


Yup just pick one of the lines from your link, and add them into the crontab -e from my link.

I see that but I was concerned that the command for DD-WRT router is different from OpenWrt.

Should that command on the link be correct then?

Yup. Cron is a linux thing so it’s universal for all these firmware’s and normal linux as well.

I suppose that you have solved your problem using email support.


I have finally resolved my probem with small changes to the command.

wget --no-check-certificate -O -

Added no --no-check-certificate -O - also installed wget I’m not sure if it was there before . However API updates.

Thank you

I just purchased a second GL-AR300M .
I am trying wget to refresh a url which will update my IP with the smart DNS provider.
However, it is not doing it.
The first one is somehow doing it.
Should I upgrade the firmware for it to work?

I don’t think there is anything different, as it is just wget

What is output of wget?

I have no ouput…
I tried the following methods with no success:
*/05 * * * * wget -q --spider

wget --no-check-certificate -O -

wget -q “” -O /dev/null