GL-MT300N-V2-b72 with Synology OpenVPN


trying to get OpenVPN with Synology NAS. But just getting the attached messages and getting no connection. NAS is behind a FritzBox and relevant port is open with UDP.
I attached also the config. Hope you can help me

Kind regards!

Is your FritzBox using public IP?
Did you do port forwarding on FritzBox?

Yes. It’s using puplic IP but connected via DDNS.
Port forwarding is also there to port 1194 with UDP.

Behind the blurred addresses you could see the correct puplic IP of the FritzBox.

I successfully setup the OpenVPN server on my Synology NAS and connected with GL.iNet router. Please follow the screenshots for your information.

  1. download and install an app, “VPN Server
  2. Click this app, start to set up your OpenVPN Server
  3. Follow the steps to setup, you will get a zip file when you export the configuration file.
  4. Check your user authorities
  5. Your exported configuration file includes 3 files, open and edits the .ovpn file in the zip file, don’t change your port:
  6. Input your real public IP to replace the highlighted part in the screenshot, then save and re-zip all these files:
  7. Make port forward on your main router:
  8. Import the modified zip file into GL.iNet router OpenVPN clients, the user name and password is as same as you set before in the NAS, then connect the OpenVPN:

    Now wait a moment, the connection will be established soon:

Thanks for the manuel! It’s working with it. :slight_smile:

Okay, that’s great. Could you share how did you fix it?

I just did the same steps like you descriped it. Differences to my setup where the port (1194) and encryption (AES-256…).

Sorry,late reply. But don’t understand your question.

Hello, I managed to set-up a VPN connection to my Synology DiskStation. I am now able to connect to the DS, but I don‘t get an Internet connection to access other websites. Do you have any solution for this?

Hello, do you mean you are using OpenVPN connection from GL.iNet router to your Synology Sation, then you can browser other websites via this VPN connection?
And I just did a testing, that I can connect the VPN to my home Synology DS, also can access other websites via OpenVPN tunnel.

Yes, I am using OpenVPN connection from Gli.Net router to Synology DiskStation. I would like to use the same VPN tunnel to access the internet (e.g. for browsing websites). So far, I can only connect to my Synology DiskStation but not to the Internet.

I got the issue resolved. Apparently the Synology Firewall has blocked the internet connection. The solution was to open the Synology Firewall for the OpenVPN IP range -

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Good Job, thanks for shvaring!

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