GL-MT300N-v2 bricked + no uboot :(


I somehow bricked one of my Mango’s (I have a couple) when trying to flash the new 1218 firmware. I tried to use the instructions, but when I go to in my browser, it forwards to then shows a “PAGE NOT FOUND” error. The page also has a link to the uboot github page, so I think that uboot is on the router, but the firmware update page is 404’d.

I am able to get to the root@ SSH password prompt, but my old admin password is not working, and no other passwords I have (goodlife, etc) isn’t working.

Any suggestions?



Never mind, I just tried to update this using another machine, and I was able to get to the admin page now.

I’m going to delete this post.



It is browser cache issue. So when you try in another browser it is fixed.


Duh! Thanks alzhao!

I was closing my browser and even rebooting the machine thinking that firefox would clear the cache, but my firefox settings were not set to delete them on restart (using a new fedora 29 OS install & forgot adjust my settings). My bad.