GL-MT300N-V2 can't connect to

I’ve been able to connect the router at my house no problem. However, I’m wanting to use this at my school to connect Wyze cameras. When I type the address to set things up I get the “site can’t be reached” error message. I’m not experienced enough to figure out what to do. I’m not sure if the school district has blocked this address or not. Thoughts? Thanks. The firmware I have is 2.271.

How did you connect to the device? wired or wireless? Please check your PC has enabled DHCP.

Just curious, how did you know the firmware version without access the admin web page.

Trying to connect wireless. I used a laptop from home and I’m able to connect to see the firmware version, but can’t get the router to work.

You say it can work on your home, but can’t work at school, right? What’s the difference between them?

I can’t get it to work from home. I thought I had before, but maybe not. I can get to this point, but when the router tries to connect it won’t get a secure connection. I get a message saying it’s connected, but I can’t actually get the internet to work,

I can’t see you have available Internet access.


You maybe need to the guide to set it up. Internet Settings - GL.iNet Docs

When I’m at school where I’m trying to use the router I can’t access the

Assuming your work PC is a different PC, then the problem is with that and not the router.

And you simply need to follow the guide given by Kyson-Lok which you don’t appear to be doing in your 3rd post.

I can get my laptop at home to access the When I bring the same laptop to school it won’t.

That’s nonsense! How does your laptop know it’s at school? There must be another variable you aren’t disclosing.

What happens if you change the routers lan ip to can you then enter the web ui at Or is this not what you’re trying to do?

You power up the router at home, using your laptop connect to it, it works. Right?

When you bring your laptop to school, you want to access the router which is at home, but it doesn’t work, Right?

If I am understand correctly, it is reasonable. You must bring the router to school as well, and using your laptop connect to it directly.