GL-MT300N-V2 "Can't connect to network"

I have lots of devices that can connect, but a surface pro running windows 10 that seemingly cannot. It connects to a MIFI and to a GL-MT300N-V1, but when I attempt to connect to the V2, this is what I get.

No issues connecting via ethernet, just this SSID.

I’ve tried rebooting both the router and the client, flashed firmware / reset to factory default, done a windows 10 “network reset”, disabled TCP/IP v6, changed wireless security modes, channels, frequencies.

One thing I cannot change in Luci appears to be channel width. Perhaps that’s the issue with this machine? Any ideas? Would be nice if windows gave a more descriptive error code. Can’t seem to find much in event logs.

Update: netsh tcp/ip reset also unsuccessful.

A clue: getting this error in event viewer > applications and services logs > microsoft > windows > wlan-autoconfig > Operational…

Can you please change encryption? There is three you can change, WPA, WPA2, WPA-Mixed, you can try changing one.

Changing SSID encryption option did not enable a connection. However, I did find a solution.

I was pretty sure the root cause was something on my machine, since all other devices could connect to the router without issue. Sure enough, something had become corrupted with my Surface device drivers. Manually installed new driver updates and was able to reconnect without issue.

Posting this in case anyone else is pulling their hair out trying to figure out why they all of a sudden can’t connect to their gl-mt300n-v2. Drivers were obtained here (for latest Surface Pro):

Link for other Surface hardware, just in case:

Thanks for sharing and hope this helps others.