GL-MT300N-V2 can't find home WiFi network

Just received a GL-MT300N-V2. Powered it on and logged into the router. Changed the password and continued to the router setup page.

I want to install the device as a WiFi repeater. When I scan for available networks I find a lot of networks from neighbours but can’t find my own?

I own a Netgear r7800 broadcasting with 2 SSID’s 2,4 GHz and 5 GHz. I haven’t had issues connecting to this router with other devices but the mt300n can’t find both my networks. 5GHz is obvious but the 2.4 should be there but isn’t showing in the pull down menu.

Selecting ‘other’ let’s me enter SSID and password manually but still no connection to the Netgear’s 2.4 GHz network.

Connected the router with utp cable to the Netgear and internet is up and running through the mt300n.

Made a hotspot with my phone and I can see this network and can connect with it, internet is up and running through the mt300n.

All devices in my network run the most recent firmware.

What is going wrong?

Can you pls check what channel if your Netgear 2.4G is using? If it is using 12-14 the Mini router may not see it.

If you are using 1-11, but the mini router cannot see it, you can still try to change the channel of netgear and try again.

I was using ‘auto’ and the router chose channel 13, changed it to manually and selected channel 8 made it visible! Thnx for your correct solution!