GL-MT300N-V2 - Can't install Luci


Recently I bought this mango router and I can’t install Luci.

I use revert firmware 2 times, and still not working.
Maybe someone can help me.

Does the router has Internet?

Do you have a pc that you can ssh to the router and try install using command?


I want to thanks for trying to help me.
I have internet. Connected through cable.
I’m not so experienced with this kind of settings, but I read about SSH.

The point is, that I bought this router following one tutorial, and I expected to work without other additional settings, just normal like it works for one of my friend.
If you pay for something, you expect to work normally.

You have to refresh the packages before you can install from the screen shot you posted. Go back to the main menu and under plugins, install it from there.

I don’t have it in front of me, but that’s my recollecction.

I installed luci plugin and now, from main panel → More settings → Advanced it shows different page.
I assume that is installed.

Yes, if you click on the link it will take you to the luci interface. No point installing it unless you use it.

There I’m ask for an username and password.
I don’t know nothing about them, but I assume I will receive the information after I connect to a VPN provider.

I want to used for 2 devices, but for this, I must buy a VPN subscription.

User name is root
Password is whatever you set for router access on the glinet router

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No, you are mixing up two different things. The GL-iNet routers run OpenWRT. The OpenWRT software is configured using a series of files, mostly in the /etc directory. They can be edited directly, or they can be manipulated using the uci program (universal command interface). LuCI is a web-based program, with a series of additional modules, that is a much easier way to do most of that.

GL-iNet is a program that also runs on top of OpenWRT and is an even easier way to accomplish most of what you can do with LucI. Not everything, mind you. So for example you can install the adblock plugin from the GL-iNet interface, but you can’t configure it from there; you have to do that with Luci. But VPN client/server is one of the things that is most easily done through the GL-iNet interface.

If you want to connect to a VPN provider as a client, you upload the config file through GL-iNet; you don’t need Luci at all.

Not sure I follow what you mean by “two devices”.



Hey, if you want to do basic stuff you shouldn’t need LUCI or anything like that.

Suggest you have a look at the setup instructions that are found here and see if these assist.

Like I said before, I am not good in this field, therefore I followed a tutorial in which you were asked to install LuCi in order to connect 3 hotspots to the same internet connection and so that they are not in relay mode.

If I don’t do this, 1 hotspot will run normally, but the other 2 will be in relay mode.

If I decide to connect just 1 hs to gl-mt300n router, I don’t need LuCi.

Can you tell us what you’re trying to achieven and also reference the document you are referring to and then perhaps someone can help you further.

(I think you’re trying to achieve three seperate WiFi networks off the Mango which go back to the same internet connection? )

Yes, I want to achieve 3 separate WiFi networks, because I suppose to open Port Forwarding 44158, and in my standard router from provider, just one Port for one hotspot will be taken in consideration, even if I open for all three.

Below you can see the tutorial: