GL-MT300N-V2 cant tether to iphone on 13.5.1

I was on 13.3 i believe and things were not working . My setup was disconnected for 1 week.
I have a iphone 7
[GL-MT300N-V2) tethering worked well. And when it didnt i would simply unplug and plug back in and i would get the TRUST ?

I no longer get Trust ?
I updated to 13.5.1 , im hoping was not a mistake thinking that it was a necessary update as i try not to update this iphone.
I updated the firmware on the Mango. No go. It says there is no connection when the connect button comes up. And the trust nag no longer appears. Before I upgraded everything same symptoms no TRUST ?

so my employment blocked ITUNES connection . my hotspot works on the iphone via wifi but no longer via the lightning usb.
Anyone know of a workaround for blocked itunes connection? I was getting basically a free hotspot via my mango. I still do but the wifi has some latency. I confirmed it works great with a android phone.

Not sure. It should at least pop up asking you if you want to trust this computer.

IOS13 should be OK. Do not upgrade to IOS14 which tethering is not working any more.