GL-MT300N v2 DD-WRT & unbricking

I purchased a GL-MT300N v2 router because the ad and reviews said it supported DD-WRT. Now I find that DD-WRT is not actually supported and search results are old 2016 articles that may refer to other models. The 2018 result is in Chinese. Links to un-bricking info returns a 404 Not found.

Does DD-WRT work on a GL-MT300N v2? What is the 2018 procedure and DD-WRT file specific to the GL-MT300N v2?

I tried to install DD-WRT using a firmware.uimage file. I could not find DD-WRT at and my PC addressed at

I tried to un-brick by holding reset when applying power. The third light blinked orange. I could not find Open-WRT at and my PC addressed at

Looking for advice and updated DD-WRT instructions. Back to un-bricking attempts for now.

MT300N-V2 doesn’t support DD-WRT.

Please following the debrick guide.

Thanks! Is lack of DD-WRT support due to changes in V2? I bought two routers based on a variety of web pages that note DD-WRT support. Now I will probably trash them. I may try the debrick guide, but DD-WRT was the reason for purchase.

[AGENT Digital | Discover Your Digital Transformation AGENT]lists GL.iNet GL-MT300N-V2 Mini Travel Router as one of the best DD-WRT Routers of 2018.

Why do you need DD Wrt?
OpenWrt does everything DD can do and is better IMO.

We don’t publicize to support DD-WRT on store.

Just curious, why do you want to use DD-WRT?

Thanks for the responses! It is clear that GL.inet does not officially support DD-WRT. It is also clear that there is a demand for DD-WRT and that external organizations and some customers imply that DD-WRT works on your hardware. I found a second review listing the GL-MT300N v2 as one of the best DD-WRT routers of 2018. This is probably a result of people not realizing the V2 uses a different chip set than the earlier model. So GL.inet does not publicize support of DD-WRT, but others suggest DD-wrt and then new customers brick their routers.

I was curious about OpenWRT, but wanted more DD-wrt routers for learning projects. Open-Wrt may be better, but as some reviews note that the version on the GL-2300N v2 router is dumbed-down. DD-wrt has better support in Google searches, but identifying supported routers and correct version of firmware is a challenge.

I would like learn more about DD-WRT, but one first tasks will be to compare features with Pfsense. Information about Open-wrt seems harder to find.

I am not critical of Open-wrt or GL-inet. I was just looking for a DD-wrt test router and bought two GL-MT300N routers by mistake. I would have bought more, but now wonder about ALL models of of GL,inet routers.

I too have required DD-WRT for a project on these mini routers. I have at least one of each model of the GL mini routers and have found the only truly models supported are the original GL.iNet6416 and GL-AR150. I did want to use the 300 series preferably and found that although there is documentation for DD-WRT on GL-MT300N and GL-MT300A. DD-WRT does work on these models but I have issues with wireless client and repeater. This I found not the issue of these devices but I have also tried with other models with the MTK76XX chipset and also works but I still have the same issues as it seems this is also an issue with the original Buffalo 300HP2 which the firmware is based on. I am currently working on modding DD-WRT firmware on the AR300M but without much success as yet. The hope on this device is to have dual boot. DD-WRT on NOR and OPENWRT on NAND.
My requirement for DD-WRT is a third party application installed on DD-WRT and also Tomato but unfortunately is not compatible with OPENWRT.