[GL-MT300N-V2] default LED configuration

Hi, messing around with the led settings now I can no longer remember the default configuration.
Could anyone post a screenshot of the mentioned configuration page?

Well I could, if I would know what the “mentioned configuration page” would be.
I assume it is in the advance setting, but where?

If you tell me I can share the defaults (the one I have on my MT300n-V2).

Thanks jonny, here it is:

Are you sure it is “/cgi-bin/luci/admin/system/leds”?
I have no folder called “cgi-bin” in /.
Do you have the normal preinstalled version or the clear one?

Sorry man, I was not clear: that’s the address for the advanced web interface.

Here you go:

Why do you not use the reset button?

Thank you. I tried the reset button but having deleted all the entries it doesn’t seem to work, or maybe should I have rebooted the device?

Anyway, for my future reference, these are the settings that I’m using in order to assign the power to the red led, the lan activity to the middle led and the wireless activity to the right led (I couldn’t stand the red led assigned to wireless :slight_smile:).

Updated configuration:

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