GL-MT300N-V2 - Disable DHCP on WAN interface

Hi I need some help, noob here, Just bought a MT300N-V2 to separate a Windows domain test environment (Connected to WAN port of MT300) from my home network (Connected to LAN port of MT300). Home network uses the ISP’s router for DHCP, and is working fine, but i need to disable DHCP on the WAN interface of the MT300N, so I can create a Windows server DHCP scope as part of the test environment. Are there any instructions for doing so? been through the settings via browser but couldnt see anything obvious. I do not want to just run MT300 in bridge mode as this would make the 2 DHCP servers conflict with each other.

If it helps, setup is:

  1. ISP router provides Internet, DHCP and DNS for home network. Wireless enabled and 7 or 8 wired clients

  2. MT300N WAN port connected to ISP Router

  3. TP-Link unmanaged switch connected to LAN port of MT300

  4. Windows test environment connected to TP-Link. Need DNS and DHCP enabled on windows servers

Thanks in advance.


Easiest option is to go to Advanced Settings at the top right of the main GUI window. From there, it’s more intuitive. Network, Interfaces, WAN. Select how you want to setup the port there.