GL-MT300N-V2 does not emit syslogs


A great little device that I was able to unbox and link up to a VPN in about 15 minutes of prep. Amazed one could cram DDWRT into such a small space.

My objective for the router is to have it tunnel to a VPN, which is currently working well, and provide some feedback on the network via syslogs.

But, despite having the syslog target connected directly to the router LAN and defined in Luci’s System/logging Wireshark sees no UDP traffic on port 514.

Router has been rebooted a couple of times in the debugging journey, one of the free syslog server packages was installed and tested and still nothing.

Wireshark packet sniffer was installed and kept live and connected to the router as it was soft-rebooted. Lots of packets went back and forth in HTTP and SSH, no UDP traffic was seen originating from port 514. Quite a lot from something in the 54000 ranges, but not 514.

Happy to work with someone to get to the bottom, if only to find the Sysloging was broken in hardware.

Appreciate any advice one might have.


I’ve set one to be returned and will try again with a fresh copy of the unit.

So the network logging is setup as this guide but didn’t send log? [OpenWrt Wiki] Logging messages

I remember that it should be quite easy.