GL-MT300N-V2 for smart tv

hi all!

i have a smart tv with ethernet and wifi, but recently tv wifi is giving me a lot of trouble. was thinking to use an GL-MT300N-V2 connected to my main openwrt router (wds if it works, realyd if not) and give connection to tv via ethernet, the mango should not do other things (no routing, no firewall, etc…) so i have 2 questins:

  1. can i power mango v2 from tv usb?
  2. what throughput can i expect from wifi to lan in this situation/configuration?

may thanks

Assuming your TV outputs 5V 1A then should be fine.

Throw the Mango into repeater mode, turn off the Mango WiFi and you should be good to go.

Throughput, never measured but it works for me (1080p only mainly).

to be more specific my goal is to use streaming services from smart tv apps, like prime vedeo, netflix, yoitube, etc., at 4k resolution (i have 100/20 mbps on main router)

@limbot thank you for sharing your experience, before buying i’ll wait for more on this… maybe from gl staff

If I can find my Mango (I’ve just moved house), I’ll have a play :slight_smile:

I don’t believe you should have too much of a problem,but will try and get you some figures :slight_smile:

take care of your new place needs first :smiley: i’m pretty sure i’ll get more info in the next days :stuck_out_tongue:

no one has some numbers? @staff

thank you

Fire TV Stick 4K problem solved, thank you all stay safe!

Sometimes it’s the simplest answers :joy:

Sorry for lack of reply in my behalf, still haven’t found my Mango (amongst other things) :blush: