GL-MT300N-V2 hangs when switching saved networks in repeater mode

I have tried multiple firmware versions and all seemed to do this but I’m on 3.203 now. Basically where the unit sits now (In an RV) I have two accessible wireless networks. Ones is my phone hotspot (When on) and one is my house. It seems wherever I scan and add the second network the device reboots for a good few minutes and generally ill not connect to that newly added network. After a few minutes the unit is back up and I can connect to it (reboots?) but still on the first network added. I eventually will get the 2nd network added and if i go into save networks and try to connect to it it will again hang for 2 or 3 minutes and it’s still connects to the first network. I know both networks are accessible as if i put them in first they will connect. I’m just looking for a seamless way for this to switch networks when one isn’t in range. I don’t care about a priority just need it to connect. It’s just being very buggy when adding additional networks. Anyone else running into this or have a work around? I do have the auto scan and reconnect switch on.

The reason this matters is because it’s in an RV and i just need this transition from one network to another to be seamless as one of the people who uses the RV isn’t as tech savvy… I just want to add her phone as well as mine and my home wifi and have it use any of them that are available (I don’t care which) While I am at home it will be connected to my home wifi (Phone hotspots off) but the second I get on the road I have tasker set up on my phone to turn on my phone tether and I need this device to switch to that network when the home network is not in range.

I will use this as an internet source for a wifi thermostat that sends me temperature readings of the inside of the unit every10 minutes. My pup will be in the air conditioned RV alone on rare occasions and I need to know my AC units haven’t failed. Any input/suggestions you have would be appreciated.