GL-MT300N-V2 In AP Mode can static ip be set

I’m considering a purchase. Question: When in AP mode is it possible to set a static IP for this device?

Are you referring to the connected devices assigning Static IPs/DHCP Reservations? Then yes. If you want the WAN IP for the GL device to have the same IP ea. time, that can be done too but keeping it ‘stock’ to use DHCP really is the way to go here… but that can be ‘modified’:

AP Clients


No, I am refering to AP mode. In AP mode any router/DHCP/firewall is disabled and the device simply provide wifi access to the LAN. Connected devices get their address from some other device/router on the LAN. The AP itself will get it’s IP from the same device/router. My question is if in this AP mode one can set the MT300 to have a static ip instead of one provided by this other router/DHCP device.

Why not just assign the Static IP to the Mango from the Upstream device? That way you won’t have the worry of subnet/range conflicts if/when you move/travel w/ the Mango.

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