GL-MT300N-V2 in Extender mode fails to reconnect to Wifi


I just purchased a Mango to connect two LAN only devices to WIFI.
So I followed some tips I found here in the forum to set it up the following way:

  • Network Mode to Extender and client connection to main router wifi
  • Wireless AP: Off

Everything worked fine initially. But when reconnection to the wifi of the main router is necessary things start to fail. The connection is in generaly quite stable. But when the main wifi router signal was down for some reason (wifi is disabled during night) the Mango reconnects only very unreliable. Sometimes it does not connect at all, sometimes only for a few minutes, somtimes it connects but the attached LAN devices on the Mango are not reachable.
The logs show continuously rescans for the Wifi every 60s but could not find the network. Sometimes it shows this even if Mango seems to be connected.

Wed Nov  8 11:54:06 2023 apcli[812]: scanning...
Wed Nov  8 11:54:11 2023 daemon.warn apcli[812]: not found ap(qq.vec) in 60s
Wed Nov  8 11:55:12 2023 apcli[812]: scanning...
Wed Nov  8 11:55:17 2023 daemon.warn apcli[812]: not found ap(qq.vec) in 60s

Also when I do iwinfo apcli0 scan my Wifi is displayed:

Cell 02 - Address: DC:39:5F:1B:86:99
          ESSID: "qq.vec"
          Mode: Master  Channel: 6
          Signal: -45 dBm  Quality: 100/100
          Encryption: WPA2 PSK (TKIP, CCMP)
          HT Capabilities: HT20 HT40

The only thing that helps is to go to admin panel and turn on or off the Mango AP. This seems to reset some networking settings and afterwards the Mango and attached LAN devices are reachable and stable again. Though it is very annoying to do this daily.

Will the repeater option “Force 20MHz Bandwith For 2.4G” help?
If you keep Mango AP on, will it be better?