GL-MT300N-V2 in extender mode


Have two questions regarding GL-MT300N-V2 working in extender mode and one regarding GL-MT300N-V2 working in repeater mode.

GL-MT300N-V2 operates currently in repeater mode. As soon as I switch to extender mode login page to UI becomes unavailable. Even if I know IP address assigned by main router to GL-MT300N-V2. Is there any way to be able to login to UI in extender mode?

In extender mode can I route all traffic through OpenVPN?

Is there any way to make GL-MT300N-V2 work in same subnet as main router in repeater mode? I don’t want to use access point mode as this require cable connection between devices.

Thanks in advance!

In extender mode, you have to configure a static IP address(match with original gateway’s subnet) on your PC, then use the gateway IP to login UI.

Nope, in extender mode, all data traffic won’t passthrough VPN.

In repeater mode, it isn’t bridge mode, so if the subnet is the same as main router’s subnet, will occur IP conflict. You can just disable AP.