GL-MT300N-V2 - is it possible to enable/disable the VPN remotely?

I have the MT300N-V2, and its set up to work with a VPN. Currently I have to login to the admin panel to enable/disable the VPN. I’m trying to figure out how I can control this remotely, preferably via IFTTT so I can map it to various triggers. I’ve never used GoodCloud but wondered if this could work as a solution - would appreciate any help!

Currently you cannot turn on/off vpn via goodcloud. We didn’t connect this API but if this is needed, we can add later. We didn’t add this because operating the vpn remotely may easily broken the connection and the router may just go offline.

Do you have a public IP address and use ddns?

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I pay my ISP extra for a static IP, if that’s of any use? I’m not that knowledgable with networking. Are you saying you can add in that functionality so I can remotely enable/disable the VPN? If so that would be amazing

I am not sure how this work. All I know is that some users is given a special APN so that they get a fixed public IP everytime. This may be very expensive.

Currently in MT300N-V2, we do not have plan to do remote management of vpn if you do not have a public IP. If you have public IP, you can enable DDNS, enable access via ssh and https. So you can remote access the router from the Internet.

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