[GL-MT300N-V2] LAN setup

Hi to everyone, I’ve just bought this little neat router (GL-MT300N-V2) and I’m trying to setup my LAN.
Being myself not an expert I need help with the following issues:

  • is it possible to specify a starting and ending IP address for the DHCP server?
  • is it possible to setup IP address reservation for specific MAC addresses?

Hi @psigli

Both of those require you to use the advanced interface in OpenWRT called Luci. From the GL-iNet interface, click “Advanced settings >>” at the top right of the page. Log in, then you have access to what you want.

For IP of the router and ranges (you can change the ip in the GL-iNet interface, but not the ranges, only with Luci):

  1. Network → Interfaces
  2. Click Edit in the LAN row.
  3. Common Configuration → “IPv4 address” is the router IP.
  4. DHCP Server → Start, Limit are the range of IP leases.

To reserve IP’s:

  1. Network → DHCP and DNS
  2. Static Leases

Thanks man! Everything is working now.

I am new to the MT300A which I assume is functionally similar to MT300N discussed here.
I plan to use the MT300A as a local router in my study. The main ISP router is around 50m away in the house over a network via the utility wiring. This is to get better performance locally in study between the various computers & peripherals and also to give further isolation from the outside world. I have found that with ISP router I need to reserve some of the LAN address range as FIXED leaving the rest as DHCP to facilitate connection of Ubuntu machines to printers as well as the Windows machines. Hence I would like to do the same with the MT300A. Is this possible as outlined in your response with the router as supplied (received it from manufacturer via Amazon a week or so ago)?
BTW: Not that keen on the way Microsoft is going so self-training and moving to Ubuntu

Yeah you can do this with any of the Gl-iNet routers. I myself have the Mifi battery powered 4g one.

I looked around the main menus of the set up but kept out of the advanced section, probably because of the warning message.

Today the weather is suitable for gardening so working through the set up of the router will have to be deferred to another day [so far relatively sunny start to summer here in UK]