GL-MT300N-V2: Log when a device associates/disassociates from my AP

I want to log all events related to clients association and dissociation to the GL-MT300N-V2 wifi ap.

I read documentation about openwrt and discovered that hostapd and hostapd_cli could do the job.
Unfortunately I am not able to make both of them work.
In fact if I create a conf file for hostapd and i specify the interface ra0 and i run hostapd command, it doesn’t work showing this error message before closing:
hostapd nl80211: Driver does not support authentication/association or connect commands
And also if i run command: iwinfo ra0 assoclist
I get this answer from the shell: No information available

Maybe problem is due to the driver to use with hostapd. Can someone help?
I am sure that it must be possible to retrieve the information I need and fire them to a log because the web interface of the router shows the number of connected client so, how can i obtain what I want?
Please help :slight_smile:
Thanks in advance

Are you sure the syslog isn’t already recording connections? Pretty sure mine does. Access the log through the advanced interface or ssh into the router and type logread to see the logs.

You can send the logs to a syslog server if you like as well to log more permanently.

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Yes i am sure. Obviously i did some test using ssh before writing my post.
logread only reported events of wifi related to dhcp but it isnt’ good for me because i want the event of association and disassociation. A client could connect with static ip address and then wouldn’t been logged that way.

I also do know about syslog on remote server and that’s works in my tests (but this kind of tests are not related to wifi).

I thank you in advance and i hope you can help me.
Let me know how can I log the events of clients association /disassociation
Kind Regards

Please note that i am looking for log events of STA associated and disassociates.
I worked on a configuration of hostapd with driver=wired that only presents connection events (nor disconnetions, except if I stop hostapd), but it is NOT enough, because, as I said, i need to log all the STA associations.
(hostapd doesn’t start with 802.11 driver, giving the following answer:

nl80211: Driver does not support authentication/association or connect command

Another noteworthy thing is that: if i have some device connected to the AP and I give the commands:

  1. iwinfo ra0 assoclist
    answer is: No information available

  2. iw dev ra0 station dump
    answer is nothing (no output)

Please HELP :slight_smile: