GL-MT300N-V2 "Mango" keeps disconnecting from WIFI

Hello Everyone,

I have the Mango connected via wifi to my home router.

The Mango keeps on disconnecting from the wifi every 10 to 12 hours and also i can’t see the wifi from the Mango router. it is like it goes to sleep mode, hanging , or something.
as you can see from the picture the power led is always on , but some times it flashes (dont understand what is the difference)

to try to fix this issue i reinstalled the latest firmware after factory resetting, the issue wasn’t resolved.
i thought it might be a bug in the latest firmware , so i factory reset again and downgraded to an older firmware but also the issue still exists.

Please advice what to do , is the hardware faulty??

The router is powered using the USB port for the router? Can you power it using a separate power adapter and check?

Also when this happens, the Mango router just hang? Can you still connect to it e.g. via LAN port and get some log?

This also happens when i power it with a power adapter, but it didnt happen to me when i connect it via lan cable.

What logs should i extract? Can you guid me? I dont have luci gui installed.

ssh to the router and use command “logread” to get the log.

About how to SSH to the router SSH to the Router - GL.iNet Docs

I checked the log. Here is how we can proceed:

  1. Use a 5V2A power adapter. 1A power adapter may not power it up. It is likely this is the problem as you said only power LED is on.
  2. Pls turn off all vpn service (including server and client) and try.

Hello Alzahao,

I have connected it to an old ipad charger 2.1 amps and switched of the vpn servers.

Do i need to factory reset to clear the logs or any thing?

I think changing power adapter is enough. ipad charger is good enough. No need to reset.

Last try, change one USB power cable.

Otherwise you may get an exchange.

Can you disable NextDNS or Cloudflare?

Hello @alzhao ,

I disabled cloudfllare , but is that normal that it keeps on crashing when i turn services on (vpn server, cloudflare…etc) ?

the functionality that i bought Mango for is to leave the mango running at home as vpn server , and i connect with BREYL router or pc/phone remotely to access my network remotely.

in my last business trip i was able to connect remotely for the 1st day then the Mango was stuck until i returned back home 4 days later, it was really unreliable and defeated the purpose of buying it!!

the reason for asking if this is a hardware issue, then i will start the processes of replacement/exchange.

When you use it as vpn server, you should not use cloudflare etc. on it. Encrypted DNS is for using as client.