GL-MT300N-V2 Mango not working after Firmware 3.212 update


My router GL-MT300N-V2 does not work at all after I update the firmware to the 3.212 version, even if I make it online update or local update. The only way it goes through is if I do uboot but I really need to be able to make the update to this version remotely.

Any reason why this version does this?

Thanks in advance.

If you reflash the firmware via uboot, should it be fixed already so that you do not need to upgrade for a 2nd time?

@alzhao So basically the only way the Firmware 3.212 update for GL. MT300N that works is via uboot?
If that is true, it is sad since I want to be able to update it remotely through Goodcloud.

Actually not precise.

The router should be able to upgrade remotely.

But if one router upgrade failed and cannot boot, it may be different reasons. It is rare.

Once it does not boot, you can upgrade using uboot.

But if it boot, you can surely upgrade remotely.

@alzhao Even if I make it online update or local update to all of my GL-M00N-V2 Mango routers with the 3.212 firmware they do not work at all, so I though it was the firmware.

Drop me an email to support at and I will check more details.