GL-MT300N-V2 Mango wont reconnect to Wifi

I setup a extended network mode connect to wifi everything works, soon as I unplug the mango and reconnect mango, wifi never reconnects. I have to hold reset for 4 secs to get back to ui and start over.

So I’m seeing that if I have my wifi off it wont rescan (reconnect) on it’s own. Any way to have the wifi access point off while still connecting to my home wifi router?

It should scan with wifi off.

Is your main wifi hidden?

I tried with ssid showing, but I turned off wifi. Reboot, never connects to repeater.

My main wifi is not hidden.
If I have wifi on mango then turn wifi off repeater works, reboot and repeater wont reconnect.

I already filed a bug interally.

Please is there a fix available for the time being? Or even a workaround, like a script that temporarily disable (until reboot) repeater mode upon successfully connected to remote wifi?

Thanks a lot.

After two years I don’t know if you are still having the same issue or a different.