Gl-mt300n-v2 (mango)

Hi, i use my 5g phone as a hotspot to supply internet to my laptop and tablet, both the laptop and tablet can receive in the hotspots 5 GHz band however my TV and an old PC and couple other devices do not pick up the hotspot when it transmits in 5 GHz, my question is will GL-MT300N-V2 (MANGO) connect to the 5 GHz hotspot so i use its 2.4 GHz wifi for these older devices.

No, you can’t use the mango to repeat a 5GHz signal or to make it 2.4GHz

Although you can tether your phone to the mango and have your phone put out 5GHz while the mango is doing 2.4GHz (this way it would be faster than wirelessly repeating the signal and would beat the no 5GHz radio issue)

Just to be clear, a 5G phone generally describes the cellular connection. That’s not the same as whether its hotspot is in the 2.4g or 5g wifi range.

If your phone is Android, you can control whether the hotspot is 2.4g or 5g (in Android 12 and 13 it is kind of obfuscated as “extend compatibility”, meaning 2.4g. If you set your phone’s hotspot to 2.4g, the Mango should be able to connect/repeat it.