GL-MT300N-V2+minidlna+portable HD

Hey all,

Any one able to get an external portable HD (USB powered) to work with MiniDNLA and the MT300N?

It works with a USB stick, but that kind of limits my media capacity.

Any solutions would be much appreciated!

The router only supplies 1A through the USB port.

It is mandatory that the HDD has its own power supply.


Tried a powered USB hub with no luck. It seems like the powered hub shuts off when I connect to the MT300N them the drive powers up again, presumably powered by the MT300Ns port…is there a way to shut off the power bus in the Mt300n USB port maybe?

I’m at a loss at this point, I had an old Hootoo Titan that I could see my external HDs files, but it’s dead.

For your photo can you capture everything? Now seems you didn’t connect the usb HDD to the router because the connection part is not seen.

Click on the picture, it’ll bring up the full picture.

So on the right side is the HDD and in the top is power bank?

Updated the original link. Pic is now labeled.

I think you tried to power the router MT300N using power bank and then power usb hub and hdd from MT300N.

This does not solve the problem of power supply.

About your HDD, what is the capacity and file system? When you plug it directly to the router what happens? Can you ssh to the router and get some logs using “logread” and “mount” command.