GL-MT300N-V2 or GL-ARM300M

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Of the two low cost lower end travel routers I’ve been playing with, one is the GL-MT300N-V2 the other GL-ARM300M.

There was a previous thread located here by another user, entitled similarly to mine, that addressed some of my questions, but not all:

My primary use case is not concerned with WiFi nor running a VPN directly on these devices. There’ll be one computer connected to the router via an Ethernet cable. What’s more important are aspects of throughput, latency, routing speeds, and not dropping packets. With that said, if I were to choose one of the two options listed in the title of my message, which one would fit the use case I’ve outlined?

Maybe not too much difference.

I literally have dozens of the Mangoes in the field. Everything from simple clients for IP Phones n DVR’s to room links to hidden networks.

I’ve found the Mango either performs equally to or outperforms the AR300M in many situations.

We have several modded mangos with external antennas. The 300M has black units with antennas so sometimes we use them because of appearance. I’ve never had a situation where the 300M extra features were necessary.

And of course there is the price of the Mango - is the decision maker frequently ;]

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Speaking of prices, I noticed Mango went up from $20 to $28 on Amazon, and Newegg prices are also 50% up across the board… is this a permanent increase in GL-inet product prices?

Some as high as $48 …

I imagine GL is being discovered by more and more to be a quality product line. I imagine GL is feeling for their best profit per item vs volume. Somewhere they will find the max for the best deal.

I hope the Mango will remain an inexpensive unit. It’s performance is good for the price and I am starting to like the yellow color. Their more ‘professional looking’ white and black units don’t have the gusto for the price of the Mango.

GL, put me down for a vote to keep Mango inexpensive and DIY friendly ;]

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Here is one news that you can refer

Laptop computer price increased 10% which never happened before.

I’m certain GL will find the right balance for the company and consumer. We want you to make money and keep at it, but we always want a good deal ;]