GL-MT300N-V2 Poor WiFi Speed

Hello All,

Just got a GL-MT300N-V2 (referred as GL onwards) and connected it to my Orbi RBR50 (referred as Orbi onwards) via WAN so connection is as follows:

GL WAN Port → Orbi Ethernet Port (CAT 6 Cable)
GL MicroUsb → Orbi USB Port (For Power)

Without GL my Orbi download speed is around 540Mbps. However, once I connect the GL to Orbi as mentioned above the GL only gives around 60Mbps. On the specs it should give atleast 300Mbps max.

Is my connections wrong or any settings need to be changed @ page?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

The GL-MT300N-V2 only has 100 Mbps Ethernet ports :grinning:
Not sure why you are not seeing closer to 100 Mbps.

But the spec sheet for GL-MT300N-V2 says that it can output 300Mbps WiFi Speeds max. Any idea as to why am I not getting speeds greater than 60Mbps?

If the Ethernet ports are only 100Mbps max, is it possible to connect to my Orbi via WiFi and then get good speed over WiFi?

Check real world wifi speed