[GL-MT300N-V2] port forwarding the return

As explained in this thread I already had some trouble configuring port-forwarding on my router.
Today I decided that it was time for a firmware upgrade so I installed the latest firmware checking the option to delete all configuration files.
I could correctly re-configure everything but now I’m stuck again with the port-forwarding.
I set up the firewall rule as the previous time but no luck:

Even trying “nc -l 60022” doesn’t work (connection timed out).
Any help? Maybe the new firmware is somehow different from the prevoius one when it comes to port forwarding?

What do you want to do? It seems that you has started OpenVPN.

Why not use the web admin page to do that? Firewall - GL.iNet Docs

I’ve started OpenVPN in order to have a dedicated IP address.
I’ve requested to open the port 60022 on the OpenVPN server.
Now I’d like to forward the port 60022 to the pc port 22 which is connected to the lan.
All of this to be able to ssh to the pc in the lan from the internet.

Ok, the problem has been solved. The issue was on the vpn provider server side.