GL-MT300N-v2 QoS setting not working

i just updated my device to 3.105 yesterday, it seems the QoS setting didn’t working
i put a limit to one of the client upload and download speed to 200KB but it has no effect to the client

I filed a bug and will fix asap.

I also have this issue. Is there somewhere that lists the current bugs in the wait list for future firmware releases?

Sorry there no public list of bug fix.

This is main feature that I used with the router, please fix it ASAP.

Can users submit bug reports or is it only yourself/staff?

Users can only talk with technical support and bugs will be submitted internally when verified.

Thanks, I’ll go contact technical support.

I confirm… The QoS setting inside the main client has become completely useless and ineffective.
It has NO effect on the speed of devices for which QoS / Speed Control is set.
The GUI confirms the Speed (Download and Upload) has been set. But checking and confirming on the Actual Device (MAC Address and IP Address)… indicates the setting hasn’t taken effect.
The QoS worked before the v3.105 Update.
Please release a small update to fix the broken QoS settings.

Moreover, this feature is marked as fixed in the testing version 3.201, but it works only for download. Setting the upload limit still doesn’t work.

I found one more very strange thing about the QoS in the 3.201: it looks like it works where it shouldn’t and vice versa.

At the screenshot on the left, it is a console widow, on the right – a part of the browser window. You can see that the CLASSIFY rule sets the 200:2 class to packets while there is no such a class in the tc, but the 100:1 is. But this works, surprisingly! I assigned the download limit to the 50 KB/s and it really works!
On the other hand, if I assign some upload limit, it doesn’t work, but rules and disciplines look as if it must work.

Upload speed limit does not work has been verified and filed a bug internally.

If it does mean something, I found two things related to this bug. First, if I try to add rules by hand, they work in a strange manner. I.e., partially. One rule works, while another doesn’t. Second, if I switch off the “Software flow offloading” option, the rates limiting starts working.

Does QoS upload limit has been fixed in 3.203 firmware? It would save me time from re-flashing firmware knowing your answer, thanks. I asked this because there’s no change log of 3.203 that stated its been fixed.

In 3.203, only MT300N-V2 upload limit still has problems. Other models and download are OK

Correct me if I’m wrong but on GL-E750 firmware 3.203 the QOS value of 100 gives 1mbps to client, shouldn’t that value be 1000 for 1mbps? or am i missing something ?

The unit is byte. So 1000 for 1 mbps.

That’s what I thought but its not the case for my MUDI device. If I set value 1000 looks that I get like 8mbps, if I set value 100 I get 1mbps. Perhaps its a bug ? or is it my device? Are you able to test?

i don’t know with other device but in mango the speed limit is in KB unit but if it same then it is correct
try check the speed unit in your device

Looks the same on mine
These values gives me 3mbps down and 1mbps upload. Strange isn’t it