GL-MT300N-V2 random stop answer through OpenVPN

Hello, I have a GL-MT300N-V2 configured as explained in this thread (I post also a summary image to show the actual configuration):

The system works correctly, the GL-iNet connect to the VPN server, it allows the navigation to the LAN connected device through WAN, VPN, and LAN. Also through WiFi, I can access to the GL-iNet interface to it’s IP and to the LAN connected devices typing
I’m also able to open the LAN device interface directly from the OpenVPN server.

The problem is that randomly, the GL-iNet become not available through the OpenVPN direct IP access (when I type on the browser the GL-iNET OpenVPN IP address or if I try to connect through ssh to the OpenVPN IP address).
The GL-iNet remains unavailable for a couple of minutes.
If I try to connect to the LAN device from the OpenVPN server, the connection will be unlocked and I can connect again typing the GL-iNet OpenVPN IP address.

Any suggestion, please?


In this case, I think it lost the VPN connection. You can try to reconnect it.

Hi, thank you for the answer.
The OpenVPN does not disconnect, it continuing answer to ping.

Which host is the ping target? The VPN server’s gateway?

The GL-iNet (OpenVPN client) connec to to the OpenVPN server.
The GL-iNet receive it’s IP i.e.
I ping the GL-iNet IP from the server or from other VPN clients and the GL-iNet ping answer without interruptions.

So the VPN connection must be lost. If you reconnect it, it should work, right?

No, the VPN is not lost.
The GL-iNet answer to PING inside the VPN so it is not lost.
Even if it answer to PING, I’m not able to SSH into GL-iNet from VPN but only through LAN or WiFi.
If I interrogate the GL-iNet from the OpenVPN server, the GL-iNet I can connect in SSH inside the OpenVPN net.
This random blocks stops only when I interrogate the GL-iNet from the OpenVPN server.
Also, this strange problem appear only with the GL-iNet and not with other VPN clients we use.

It’s like GL-iNet OpenVPN going to sleep.