GL-MT300N-V2 recreate custom features with latest OpenWRT

I have flashed the latest version of OpenWRT (19.07.3 currently) from here [OpenWrt Wiki] toh:gl.inet:gl.inet_gl-mt300n_v2

Is there a list of the GL.iNET features / packages used for those features such as OpenVPN / USB Tethering support that are included in the custom firmware available anywhere?

Goal is to recreate the features included in GL.iNet firmware, with the latest version of OpenWRT (as GL.iNet firmware currently uses OpenWRT)

thank you

That is not easy.

Too much work to do if you compile a firmware by yourself.

thanks for that - but I am initially interested in seeing the list of packages installed and then selectively installing the packages to add the required functionality I need, rather than compiling an entire firmware myself…

To get OpenVPN functionality for example I have installed luci-app-openvpn , openvpn-easy-rsa and openvpn-openssl

Would be interested in adding tethering functionality, and encrypted DNS.

One way I can think of doing this is to re-flash the custom GL.iNet firmware then save the list of installed packages, re-flash the latest OpenWRT and manually install the packages I need… but if someone with GL.iNet firmware already installed could just provide the list of installed packages it would save some time…

The issue is that the GL firmware has hundreds of custom scripts that do the actual work configuring and changing files when you change settings in the GL UI. You would need to replicate that as well, as the OpenWRT packages won’t update things like the firewall for you. You would need to do that manually or with your own custom scripts.

In the end it will take more time for you, than to configure things using the GL API or UI.

Not everything is available in openwrt 19.07 compared to the GL-Inet distro…

As some have mentioned, there’s a number of scripts that GL-Inet WebUI runs, and there’s the MT drivers for WiFi, which are not in the OpenWRT tree…

Thanks so then it is a trade off - having less user friendly functionality and interface vs. transparency of installing open source software on the device that routes your private data. What benefits do the “MT drivers for WiFi” bring and can they not be installed on OpenWRT?

according to the comments here “Better Wi-Fi with MTK driver”

The MTK driver is closed source, so the MTK guys have some secret sauce in there that performs much better than what the open source guys have come up with, as simple as that. They know how their chip works and can optimize it better than people that are just reverse engineering or following basic guides that MTK has released.

MT300N uses the private mediatek drivers - that being said, using the SDK, one can build packages if they’re not already included in the mt300n repo…