GL-MT300N V2 repeater for WPA-Enterprise 802.1x (eduroam)

I bought this router GL-MT300N V2 to use it as a repeater in hotels, at work and in the University. The problem is that at work and in the university the Wifi has WPA-Enterprise security (user and password EAP PWD), and I don’t see this option in the router. I tried in GL.inet firmware and in Luci but it’s not there. I also realized that Luci doesn’t come with the wireless menu.
Is there any way to use the router as a repeater for this networks? I also read that I can flash it with the normal Openwrt, but in this case I will be using the open 7628 driver and not the closed one from GL.inet that I read is more stable.
I need your help to do this, or maybe get the implementation in the new firmware.
Thanks for everything.

I am sorry to tell you that MT300N-V2 does not support EAP 802.1x.

I suggest you buy AR750 or AR750s which is dual band and perfect for repeater with 802.1x

I bought today the ar300m16. Does this one works for that also or should I give it back? I thought it may work because of the full Driver implementation for Openwrt.

AR300M works. MT300N-V2 is the only one not working with 802.1x