GL-MT300N-V2 Repeater requires Username and Pw

So, in repeater mode, I’m trying to connect to a router that requires a username and a password - both of which I have. However, I cannot enter the username as there is no place to add it - only the password. I suspect that the uname being used therefore is ‘admin’. I saw that WPA3 Enterprise requires a username, but that option isn’t available - I have firmware v 3.216. I upgraded to the v4 firmware, where I hoped that this would be an option (using the latest openwrt-mt300n-v2-4.3.7-0913-1694593559.bin). However, with this version of the firmware, the network I want to connect doesn’t even appear. Reverted to 3.216 and it does again. I noted, using the v4 firmware something about an EAP network not being supported; which I think the one I want to connect to is (via Network Analyzer android app).

So, I’m nowhere near trying to do what I want to do - use repeater mode with a network that requires both a username and a password.

Thanks for any help with this.

Hey :wave:

Unfortunately, WPA Enterprise is not really part of the MT300N’s feature set. It is also unlikely that you can set up a router as a WPA Enterprise client and then have your own network … In theory, this should be blocked by the main router.

You will definitely have to leave the realms of the GL GUI for WPA Enterprise and work with SSH or luci.

You could try this approach:

All at your own risk, so please make backups beforehand.