GL-MT300N-V2 repeater speeds slower than expected

Hi, this is a pretty simple one: I’ve got the MT300N Mango and find that the speeds I’m getting as a repeater and lower than they should be.

My modem connection is like 500Mbps so plenty of headroom, and I realize the Mango’s LAN output is 100Mbps max.

  • I’m getting 45d/30u, with internet via 2.4ghz wifi and my computer connected via LAN
  • On my old Linksys I dusted off, same config, I was getting 130Mbps down, 30 up. So 30Mbps up seems to be the ceiling on my network.
  • When I connected the Mango to that Linksys (instead of my modem), inches apart, I was still getting 45Mbps down
  • I’ve updated to the latest firmware and disabled the Wifi since I only need it to receive and pass the data on LAN

Are there any settings or optimizations bottlenecking the downstream to ~50Mbps?

The mango has imho only a 100MBit LAN connection so it cannot become faster than this. Your 500MBit download can’t be fully used by the mango.
The netto-datarate will be abt. half of the 100MBit.

If you want to know more about the relationship between mimo, bandwidth and datarate for wifi, you can have a look here: WLAN-Übertragungsgeschwindigkeit / WLAN-Datenrate

It’s in german but you can read the tables. The netto datarate is abt. half of the datarate shown there.

Why is the LAN output half of 100Mbit?

Not LAN, it will work at 100MBit/s, but WLAN. If the brutto datarate of WLAN (MIMO 1x1, 20MHz bandwith) is 72 Mbit/s the netto datarate will be abt. 35 MBit/s.

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In best case! :point_up:

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I’m only connecting with LAN.

Actually the speed you got is a real-world speed and not that bad.