GL-MT300N-V2 RT2800 Ralink Drivers

Recently purchased a second GL device, the GL-MT300N-V2 to go with my AR300M-EXT as a backup device.

My intentions are to use it as a mid-long range WISP with a USB ralink WIFI adapter something i have been doing for 18 months already on my AR300M-EXT.

Out of the box with the GL-MT300N-V2 i’m having two issues:

  1. The rt2800-usb drivers are missing on the MT300N-V2. Easy to solve since i’m able to install the packages manually but i find it odd that the AR300M has the drivers included yet the MT300N-V2 doesnt.
  2. With the above drivers installed (Rt2800-usb and dependencies) i proceed to plugging in my Ralink USB Wifi Adapter go to scan for networks. From this point the router will no longer return any results. It seems the moment i plug in my USB Wifi adapter the scan feature is broken from this point. Unplugging it to use the internal Wifi results in the same no results. The only way i can get it to return results again is by doing a full reset without installing the rt2800-usb packages (internal wifi).

The same procedure works fine on my AR300M so i really cannot understand whats going on. Are there any differences between the firmwares perhaps its a bug of sorts?

Any advice welcomed otherwise i will have to return the MT300N-V2.


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The two routers are using different chipsets, there might be some differences in the packages.

@luochongjun @alzhao

You’d better just your AR300M for external wifi dongle.

MT300N-V2 uses MTK proprietary driver. When you install another open source wifi driver, it make some trouble.

Is there no other other solution. Perhaps an old firmware build that works?

Interesting to note its also broken on the AR300M using the later firmware builds 3.x. I can scan and see results in the GL interface but when i try to join it times out. I can only join using the advanced LUCI interface.