GL-MT300n-V2 s/w 2.271 DDNS query

Hi Guys,

Firstly, I have two of these amazing little boxes and am very happy with what I can achieve with them without playing with them too much.
I wanted to set up wireguard on s/w v3 beta but couldn’t get it to work so i have downgraded back to 2.271 and used OpenVPN instead with GLDDNS. I notice that the v3.0 s/w has now been removed from the download pages.

OpenVPN on 2.271 works fine (maybe drops intermittently but I don’t why and it doesn’t affect me too much…yet)

My question is HOW do I check if the DDNS really is working?
MT300-v2 is behind a BT Home Hub 5 which will not respond to ping requests to my external dynamic IP because the Home Hub won’t allow it and cannot be configured to allow it.

The OpenVPN connection shows (81.x.x.x.x) which is correct and connects very well and very quickly - very happy.

I can’t force the BT box to get a new IP and I’ll have to wait for it to change, just wanted to know if it there is some other way of working out if the DDNS is actually working?

I want to use the router and VPN to view BBC iPlayer when not in the UK using my home IP. if the DDNS works then this will be fine - if not then i’m stuck.

Any advice you can give I would appreciate.

Many thanks


You may need to open port eg 80 in your mini router. The try to see if you can connect to the UI using the ddns.

As I know this is the only promising way to check it the ddns works. Your isp could block it or port forward is not working, so the router cannot be accessed from outside.

Thanks for the response @Alzhao how exactly do I do as you suggest?
I have opened all ports on the ISP router and have put mini router in DMZ.
Poet 80 can be accessed from internet on ISP router.
When opening port on mini though through wan access menu it shows as parent port closed.
Many thanks

If you enabled DMZ then it is ok.

You can go to and check if you can access the UI.

Alzhao thank you, it works via the internet, I can see my router on and I think I have confidence that this will now work as it wanted it to.

Thank you for your advice and patience!

@alzhao hi there, so ddns and OpenVPN was working well in New Zealand but now seems to be not reachable. It was fine until about 10 hours ago, moved over 2GB through it.

I’ve checked and can’t connect.

I’ve checked my isp as far as I can and that seems to be be ok, is there any other test that can I can do before asking someone to unplug and plug it in again? Bearing in mind that I’m 12000 miles away from it?


@alzhao hi, have now had someone reboot isp router and GLi router. No change, still can’t access it.
Anyone else having problems?