GL-MT300N-V2 ShadowsocksR (SSR) ipk

yes, it only works on firmware 2.x, needs to be re-compiled a version for 3.x, but not sure whether the source code supports the new firmware/LEDE version (may lack plugins or libraries during building).

Can you offer your LEDE version code for me?

Dear @acercow, the GL-MT300N-V2 firmware 3.011 is based on Openwrt 18.06.1. Is this the version number ? I think the AR-750 firmware 3.010 also based on the same Openwrt 18.06.1

Dear @acercow, now that the firmware 3.012 is available to GL-MT300N-V2, do you have a version of SSR for this firmware? Thanks in advance.

I’ll try , but a little busy these days cause I just changed job, doing ten to ten, working 12 hours a day :joy:

Thanks @acercow. So is this the famous 996 type of work 8-).
In V2 firmware, there is a simple pre-installed SSR version. However, I cannot find any SSR version pre-installed in the V3. Very sad @alzhao

@acercow Work 10hours a day, Famous 996 :slight_smile: The firmware cannot download anymore. Is it possible get one for GL-AR750S? Really no idea how to make one.
Thank you very much, buy you a coffee :smile: