GL-MT300N-V2 ShadowsocksR (SSR) ipk

Hi guys, I got MT300-V2 router for traveling, as the OpenWrt firmware is powerful. The official firmware integrated great features for normal use, but if you are looking for shadowsocksR (not shadowsocks), this thread will make your life better :slight_smile:

  • luci-app-shadowsocksR_1.2.1_all is White list mode
  • luci-app-shadowsocksR-GFW_1.2.1_all is G_F_W_list mode

scp luci-app-shadowsocksR***_1.2.1_all.ipk root@
ssh root@
cd /tmp
opkg update
opkg install luci-app-shadowsocksR***_1.2.1_all.ipk

Download from Google Drive
Download from Filedropper



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China Mainland has banned Google. I updated download links

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Hi acercow,
Thank you for the ipk.
My intention was to set up a SSR client, so that all the devices connecting to this GL-MT300N-V2 router can be connected to my SSR server outside the LAN.
I had been able to set up a SS client from the default firmware under the Services-Shadowsocks under Luci menu. Now I am interested to set up a SSR client.
I reset my router to factory setting and installed the While List Mode. I could find an Services-ShadowsocksR. Installation seems to be successful. For my purpose, I presume I only need to set up under “SSR Client”. I did the setting under “Server setting” heading, “Global Setting”. Status shows that the “Global Client” and “UDP Relay” are running. “Check Server Port” is Ok. However, “Google Connectivity”, “Baidu Connectivity” and “China IP Data” are showing connection error.
Wonder if there is any example of configuration ?
Thank you for your attention.

sorry, I leave the router at the office, will confirm my SSR settings tomorrow.

Hi acercow,
Thank you for your offer for help. I managed to reset to factory and install the White list mode again. This time, I rebooted the Mango before I did configuration. Everything works fine. The Client is working. The Server is also working beautifully. Thank you very much.

Can the above ipk work on GL-AR750 as well? I checked that GL-MT300N-V2 and GL-750 are having different CPU.

definitely not, different architectures of CPU comes with dedicated cross-compile tools to generate ipk

Just curious, there is only luci ipk not ShadowsocksR ipk, how does it work?

I discovered the project on GitHub and has integrated shadowsocksr-libev in it, not sure if it’s allowed to post links here

Haha, looks like I have to wait till I find the correct ipk file before I could upgrade to AR750. 8-(

If you ask nicely maybe @acercow can build it for you :stuck_out_tongue:

@acercow hope that I am not putting burden on you. In case if you build for any other model, appreciate if you could let me know. I am thinking up upgrading to a 2.4G and 5G model like AR750. :sunglasses:

it must be done on Linux, but I have formatted Linux volume. I’ll try to build on my remote server this Friday, remind me here if I forgot. :slight_smile:

GL-AL750 [LEDE_18.x] : - Google Drive

Thank you @acercow,
Really appreciate it. I downloaded successfully. Will need to wait for the arrival of my GL-AR750 to install it. Cheers!

Dear @acercow
Finally I installed the ipk on my GL-AR750. It works perfect. I tested the client as well as the server on the White List mode. Really appreciate it.

@Sunny, can you share how to install the SSR ipk package?


 You can refer to the instruction in the original post by @acercow.

I did it through my Win10 PC which is connected to the target router
(1) Download the ipk file from Google drive to my PC
(2) Use winscp to transfer the ipk file from my PC to /tmp of the router
(3) Use xshell to ssh into the router and install ipk file as instruction in @acercow post.

winscp and xshell are program that you can Google and install from the internet. Of course that are many other scp and ssh client on windows around that you can choose from.

@acercow, Hi I upgraded the Mango firmware from 2.271 to 3.011. I reinstalled the ipk “successfully”. But when I run it, it says “ Failed to e execute arcombine dispatch target for …”. I thought the upgrade of firmware was only for the interface? @alzhao. Any advice would be appreciated.