GL-MT300N-V2 slow speed


recently bought the GL-MT300N-V2 to have a Router only dedicated to VPN connection. So far so good, the installation went very smoothly but the speed isn’t up there unfortunately.
I get around 8-9 mbps, for example if I directly connect to VPN through I get at least 50-60 mbps.

Anyone knows a work around for that or maybe recommend a router that can deliver higher speeds?

I am using the GL-MV1000 and finds it excellent in reducing the inevitable speed loss and sacrifice caused by VPN encryption.

Sadly that’s the max speed you will get on openvpn on the Mango router. You could try Wiregaurd protocol if that’s provided by your VPN provider.
I am now using a Brume (MV1000) which can reach way faster speeds. It does not have WiFi, but I read you can use certain WiFi dongles. I don’t need the WiFi, so I’m happy with the Brume.