GL-MT300N-V2 SSID and Admin panel disappeared

Hello, I need help, I live in Japan. My router has been working fine for 2 months now but suddenly the SSID and admin panel disappeared. I tried resetting the router but the SSID still doesn’t show up, nor the admin panel. I use my router as a repeater. I don’t know if it is necessary to do a uboot either. Please help.

Can you get into the web admin panel via ethernet cable? How about accessing the LuCi interface:
You can check the trouble shooting here: Can't access web Admin Panel - GL.iNet Docs

What are the status of the LEDs

I thought it could be because of the place I had the router placed. The LEDs the last one is blinking the other two are solid now. I accessed the Admin panel through that new link, and on the incognito window and it worked. Thank you!

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